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The Pedestrian is a 2.5D side-scrolling puzzle platformer that takes puzzle platforming literally. The player moves from sign to sign, rearranging and reconnecting signs in order to solve puzzles. These solved puzzles connect and occupy space in the 3D surroundings. This allows the player the ability to explore and maneuver smoothly through the terrain.

Fact Sheet

-Developer: Skookum Arts
-Founded in 2014
-Also on Twitter, Facebook and IndieDB


What’s it like inside the world of public restroom signs? Aside from the fact that the symbols are on the job 24/7, dutifully directing humans, is there more to their straight and narrow life? Can an icon of this nature have an adventure and discover solutions to obstacles outside of it’s boxed-in environment? Enter the world of The Pedestrian and find out!


-Enjoy the unique art combination of 2D and 3D graphics in a delightful explosion of color

-Explore diverse environments as you travel through the "sign world".  From traffic cluttered streets, steaming pipes, music filled elevators, suspiciously abandoned subways, a dark stormy city skyline and more. The environments are meant to be entertaining, as well as a core part of the gameplay.

-Immerse yourself in the soothing music that will set the tone of emotion as you progress on your journey

-Enhance your puzzle solving skills in each challenging level that flows seamlessly into the next


Who is Skookum Arts?

Skookum Arts is a three-man team based in north central Ohio.

We are Daniel and Jed Lackey and Joel Hornsby. We grew up as neighbors in a small village. As kids, we were all homeschooled and shared similar interests, such as; the usual childhood biking, swimming, sports and lots of video games at each other’s homes. In addition to these normal activities, we enjoyed exploring abandoned buildings in the nearby countryside, creating fun science-type potato cannons and a forge to melt down and remold aluminum. Our combined passion to discover, design and construct, developed into a desire to start a business in order to create the type of products we enjoy and share them with the world.

In 2014, we decided to focus on game development and began production of The Pedestrian.

What people are saying about The Pedestrian

PC Gamer - The Pedestrian is both novel and charming.

Kotaku - The Pedestrian, a game about signs, looks great.

Markiplier - Woah, that’s cool, what, that’s so cool, what the heck, woah.

JackSepticEye - Very clever!

INDIECADE - This is an excellent puzzle platformer, with very clever design and atmosphere.

80.LVL - A very brave idea and an interesting technical case.

Kill Screen - In The Pedestrian, it's the signs that will do the walking.

Gaming Journalist Gazette - The puzzles that you see in this game are the right kind of challenging.



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