The Pedestrian at Pax East 2016

Going to PAX East (Penny Arcade Expo) in April 2016 was amazing!


First, we had an 11 hour car ride to the beautiful city of Boston, Massachusetts. We went through a crazy amount of cool scenery, stellar music and granola bars until finally reaching our destination. 

         IMG_2729             IMG_2711                IMG_2713

Boston is jampacked full of history, old brick sidewalks and people wearing headphones. Seriously, we were surprised how many “pedestrians” wore headphones while they walked around town, paying no attention to pedestrian signs. (Boston, you could learn a few things about signs from our upcoming video game!)

         IMG_2712             IMG_2721                IMG_2720

Now, back to the reason we went to Boston. PAX East is the mother of all gaming conventions. PAX in Boston and Seattle are the two largest gaming events in North America. We’re talking tens of thousands of people either invested or interested in gaming.

IMG_2719    IMG_2722    IMG_2715

This was only the second gaming convention we have been involved in, so we felt like a bunch of kids being set free in a candy store. Our booth for the week was set up near Nintendo and Bethesda! Even though we were so close to these successful giants of the gaming industry, our humble little booth was still packed most of the time!

13012719_1173837392628683_4935171217216986267_n          Cg1GDf8WkAALRmg.jpg-large

With a steady diet of coffee and pb&j, we were ready to take on the world! We had a five person team, so we took turns manning the booth and walking around to enjoy some of the other exhibits. Finding the booths with the softest carpet became a necessity, because our feet were extremely tired from standing all day long.

        IMG_2725        IMG_2717         IMG_2727

If we had to pick a favorite part of the entire event it would definitely be the great conversations we had with all the gamers, game developers, even a mathematics enthusiast, who explained to us the complex mathematical calculations lying underneath our game’s mechanics. So awesome!  It was also very humbling to have people come up to us and ask for advice on how to get into game development.

IMG_2723   IMG_2718   IMG_2728


We met plenty of amazing game developers. Both large and small they were all great and loads of fun to talk to. Here are some of our favorites.




Deliver Us The Moon



Thanks to everyone who made our trip from Ohio to Boston worth it! It has reinvigorated us to work that much harder to bring The Pedestrian to all of your steam accounts this summer!

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Thanks again!

Skookum Arts Team