First Update in 2016. Watch out for The Pedestrian!

Our New Year’s resolution here at Skookum Arts is to workout non-stop… with our muscular fingers… on the keyboards of our computers. All for the purpose of bringing The Pedestrian to you this Summer. We don’t have a release day yet, but everything is taking shape and getting exciting.WideBanner1

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Our newest development will be a treat for the ears. We are in the process of selecting a musician to score the effects and drive the emotion of the game. We have been in touch with several extremely talented musicians and we are excited to see the different prospectives each artist has on the vision for our game. Our object for the music is to add a deeper dimension to the game and enhance your enjoyment while playing. We’ll keep you posted with more details in the near future.


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We’ve also been learning a lot about level design. Here are a few of our dos and don’ts, so that you are aware of the direction we are going.
Don’t – Force players to do anything.
Do – Let players teach themselves without pop ups and massive amounts of text.
Don’t – Punish players too much for choosing the wrong action
Do – Direct players with positive reinforcement.
Don’t – Be annoying and reward for every correct action, e.g. Congratulations! You shot your first gun. Congratulations! You beat level 1! Congratulations! You died!
Do – Show players the right way to go by making it the most rewarding option.
Don’t – Call players stupid by repeating commands
Do – Keep tutorials short and sweet
Don’t – Be too restrictive with controls and spaces
Do – Make the mechanics as free flowing and versatile as possible for ease of use
Don’t – Spell out the game and play it for the player
Do – Give players the satisfaction of solving an exciting puzzle game

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That’s all the information we have for you right now. We look forward to completing this 3 year project and showing you all the crazy things that have been inside our heads for so long.