OGDE 2015 Recap

Let’s talk Ohio Game Developer Expo (OGDE)!!

We had an amazing turnout for the expo. I don’t have exact numbers but there rarely was a dull moment at the Skookum booth. Gamers and developers were either playing the game, at our show stopping booth, or having awesome discussion with us about the future of The Pedestrian. Unfortunately, we were not able to walk around as much as we would like, but there was still some awesome games we wanted to mention briefly.

Advertising at the venue 😉

Good visibility.

Adventure Lamp, a puzzle platformer about a little explorer who has to escape the caves through the use of his trusty helmet. Sphere complex, a platformer and racing game where you control a marble and must race through levels or challenge your friends to an arena battle. Luckless Seven, a narrative-driven card game with complex dialogue trees that allow you to impact the story and develop your unique personality. Armechgeddon, a modern adaptation to the classic vertical-scrolling shooter with procedurally generated levels to dodge and shoot your way through. Devil’s Bluff, an 11 vs. 1 online multiplayer experience where the scheming and deceiving devil attempts to outsmart the other players in a murder mystery style mansion. Lemma, a first-person parkour game set in a surreal voxel world governed by physics. And while this might not be a game it is definitely technology that could be advantageous in the game developing industry. Knockout Concepts’ scanning technology brings the real world assets quickly into a 3d world. We also were so thrilled to see so many Central Ohio Gamedev Group (COGG) members at the expo. Maseth Studios, Upways Games, OM Games, NeverNull, Smiling Cat, Dioram, Multivarious Games and Codebyte just to name a few! It always amazes me to see such a passionate community growing in our backyard.




This is just a quick expo review there were countless other games and technologies at the expo but my little fingers can’t be asked to type them all out.

Stay tuned for more updates about The Pedestrian!

- Joel