First OUGU (Officially Unofficial Game Update)

Hey guys,

Here's a quick update from the boys over at Skookum Arts!
Sorry for the long period of radio silence, but fret not, we have been hard at work. Look at all these papers! 

That’s an actual pencil and paper folks! We don’t mess around.

This will be the first officially unofficial game update (OUGU). What game you say? Why only the most ingenious, mind-smashing, and visually captivating video game ever to come out of a human mind, but I digress. The game is called The Pedestrian, in essence it is a build-your-own-solution game. Intrigued? I can’t blame you. Let me just throw in some amazing art to get you interested.


I apologize for the puddle of saliva that has been accumulating in and around your keyboard, it’s a side effect of the art that we have no control over. The main cost of making this game is the sheer amount of keyboards that we had to replace in the studio. Please note that Skookum Arts is not liable for any damage done to your keyboard due to salivation, but I digress.

Let me set the scene for you. You are the male bathroom symbol, all your life you have been going to work in the ol’ bathroom sign. But worry not! All is not so gloom and doom! You have been working beside this EXTREMELY attractive female bathroom symbol. She is your life, your only shining star in a world of flushing and plunging. You’ve never spoken to her, but you know she feels the same way about you.

Then suddenly, she's gone. Worry begins to creep up on you. Did she sleep in? Maybe she took a wrong turn at the No Smoking sign? Anxiety, followed by fear, envelops you. But you're a hero! Heroes don't worry! They take action!

It’s up to you to find out what happened to your love!

On a side note, if you want to check out the game, come down to COSI on November 7-8 for the Ohio Game Developers Expo. Passes can be bought HERE. There’s going to be people, booths, speakers, more people, us, tournaments, a concert, and games.



We are excited to be involved in the expo to give people a first look at The Pedestrian. Feel free to stop by our booth, try out the game, develop a super-secret handshake, then we can loiter for an excessive period of time.

Thanks for checking out the blog folks, they will start to become more frequent as time goes on.

Thanks again,



(But I digress)