“The Pedestrian” is a puzzle platformer where the player travels through the public sign system as the bathroom symbol. The game is set in a 2.5D sidescrolling environment. The player traverses from sign to sign not only laterally but also in depth. With this ability the player is able to explore the surroundings during the adventure. Not only can the player move from sign to sign, but also rearrange and reconnect the signs to solve an obstacle in the path.


Node based puzzles

Connect signs to create a path for the next leg of your journey. Use your imagination and puzzle-solving skills to avoid and overcome obstacles in the signs.


While your brain will be challenged during puzzles, you will also be tested at your platforming skills. Running and jumping through signs while avoiding saws and various hazards make for a enjoyably smooth experience.


No more walls of text! All story elements are portrayed around gameplay. We are crossing the barriers of language by making all our information understandable through simplistic sign-style symbols.


We are a three-man team based out of mid-Ohio. We grew up playing video games at each other's houses, exploring abandoned buildings in the nearby countryside and creating fun science-type projects like potato cannons and a forge to melt down and remold aluminum. Those early interests developed into a desire to continue with bigger and better creations. We started our own business, so that we could create the kind of products we enjoy. In 2014, we decided to focus on game development and began production on our current game "The Pedestrian", set to release in 2018.

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